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Foreign Trade Zone Benefit Analysis

1. Company Name:
2. Imported Commodity Description:
3. What is the annual value of your company's dutiable imports?
4. Can you exercise duty reduction through any trade programs?
5. What is the weighted average duty rate of the imports?
6. What percentage of the imported merchandise is re-exported?
7. What percentage of the imported merchandise is rejected or destroyed?
8. What percentage of the imported merchandise is sold to the military?
9. What is your capital interest expense?
10. What is your average number of inventory turns per year?
11. Does your company file Duty Drawback?
12. How many Customs entries does your company file per week?
13. What is your weighted average invoice value of the weekly entries?
14. What is your average number of line items per invoice?
15. How many Invoices per Bill of Lading do you average?
16. What is the quarterly average of Merchandise Processing Fee paid?
17. What is the expected annual growth of dutiable imports?
18. Please indicate the functions performed within the facility:




Other (specify)

19. If Manufacturing occurs, what is the annual cost of :
a. Imported components:

b. Value added services:

20. If Manufacturing occurs, please describe the final product(s):
21. What is the projected value of the inventory remaining on Jan 1?:
22. What is your inventory tax rate?
23. Are you currently/recently undergoing a Customs audit?
24. Are you currently/recently undergoing an IRS audit?
25. Additional Comments:
Weighted average is the result of dividing the sum of the products of each observed value,
the number of times it occurs,and this other factor by the total number of observations.
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